P&R with KAA Gent shuttle buses

In Gentbrugge KAA Gent organizes a P&R to and from the new stadium.
Every home match will have a number of buses going back and forth between Land van Rodelaan and the new stadium. There are 500 free parking spots for KAA Gent supporters on Land van Rodelaan, around the Driebeek service center and along Brusselsesteenweg.
Prices for using this shuttle service depend on when it is used.


From 2h30m until 1h45m before kick-off: free
From 1h45m until 0h30m before kick-off: one euro


Until 1h after the game: one euro
From 1h until 1h45m after the game: free

Where to buy tokens and who to give them to?

You can buy tokens both at the bus stops and at our ticketing offices.
On weekdays you can buy tokens at the ticketing booth in the central entrance hall of the Ghelamco Arena.
On matchdays you can buy tokens from ticketing, at the bus stops, and from ticket booth D until one hour after the final whistle (ticket booth D is in front of stand 2).

There will always be someone from KAA Gent on our shuttle buses to receive your token. The price of a token is one euro.

Click here to read our mobility FAQ.