First new stadium in Belgium

  • Opened on 16th July 2013
  • Complies with all recent UEFA & FIFA regulations
  • Capacity: 20,000 seats
  • Perfect balance between sustainable design and functionality
  • Trendy design: glass structure
  • Perfectly located at the crossroads of the E40 and E17, next to the R4
  • Excellent parking facilities only a short walk away
  • Easily accessible by public transport
  • The heart of a new site: two office towers, a hotel and a Brico Plan It DIY center

The Buffalo experience on the Buffalo promenade

More than just a football match: "a KAA GENT evening" for people of all ages, for diehard fans, for businessmen and for those who are new to football.

  • Every supporter is a VIP
  • Our promenade is unique: everybody can meet with everybody
  • Passion, emotion and atmosphere take up center stage
  • More than twenty food and drink stands, screens, music and merchandising booths
  • Varied catering options: from hamburgers to sushi, from bratwurst to veggie wraps, from sandwiches to ice cream
  • Child- and family-friendly: a separate stand and infrastructure for children and young families
  • Special attention to people with disabilities: amenities for wheelchair users, a stand for blind people
  • Comfort: ample leg room, modern toilets, spacious lifts, specially adapted signage
  • Safety is our top priority
  • Big fan shop near the main entrance