KAA Gent's community department is a member of the European Football for Development Network (EFDN).

EFDN strives for a strong European cooperation and interchanging of knowledge concerning the use of the uniting force of football as a tool for social development. EFDN was founded in 2013 and consists of more than 30 members such as Feyenoord Rotterdam, Manchester United and Benfica FC. In 2014 KAA Gent was the first Belgian team to become part of the network.


Voetbal in de Stad actively works with two international projects: European Legends promotes walking football for seniors with the support of the European Commission (Erasmus+). One Goal for Education maps educational community projects with the support of the UEFA Foundation. 

EFDN members

Contact information

EFDN, Takkebijsters 9A 11, NL - 4817 BL Breda, info@efdn.org

@efdn_tweets – www.facebook.com/efdn.org – www.efdn.org