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Start of open ticket sales for KAA Gent - AS Roma

The ticket sales for KAA Gent - AS Roma (27/02 at 18:55) start online at 12:00 on Sunday 26/01 and at the ticket booths at 12:00 on Monday 27/01. If you are not a season ticket holder but would love to go to the match, read below how you can get tickets. AFTER THE PRIORITY SALES PERIOD, SEASON TICKET HOLDERS CAN BUY ONE MORE TICKET AT THE TICKET BOOTHS AT THE DISCOUNTED (SEASON TICKET HOLDERS') PRICE.  PLEASE NOTE: TICKETS THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN BOUGHT CANNOT BE RETURNED AND EXCHANGED FOR TICKETS ELSEWHERE IN THE STADIUM.   Ticket prices How does the open ticket sales work? The open ticket sales start online at 12:00 on Sunday 26/01 and at our ticket booths at 12:00 on Monday 27/01. Have you bought tickets in your name before 13/12/19? Then you are already registered in our system and you can buy tickets for KAA Gent - AS Roma online and at the ticket booths.   Are you buying tickets from us for the first time? Unfortunately, as you are not registered in our system, you cannot buy tickets online, and must go to the ticket booths. The police have asked us to have unregistered supporters fill in the form below and bring it to the ticket booths, in order to stop AS Roma supporters from getting seats in the home stands. Fill in form here Online sales ONLY SUPPORTERS REGISTERED BEFORE 13/12/19 From Sunday 26/01 at 12:00 People who are registered (see above) can buy one ticket per person online. At non-season ticket holder prices (please note: season ticket holders can buy a ticket online, but only for the full price. We will NOT pay back the difference at the ticket booths later on). Ticket booth sales From Monday 27/01 at 12:00 If you want to buy tickets from our ticket booths, we ask you to bring ID with you (and those of the other people you wish to buy tickets for, where applicable), or the necessary details (name, date of birth, national identification number and address). SUPPORTERS REGISTERED BEFORE 13/12/19 Supporters registered before 13/12/19 can buy one ticket.  At the ticket booth, one person can buy up to four tickets, if the four people live at the same address.  Season ticket holders (for the league or Europe League) pay the season ticket price for their first ticket (on presentation of their season ticket); non-season ticket holders pay the full price. NON-REGISTERED SUPPORTERS Each supporter can buy one ticket.  Each person can buy a maximum of four tickets if the four people live at the same address. This is only permitted once the form has been signed (see red button). KAA Gent is doing this to ensure that no Roma fans get into our stands. These supporters (by definition, non-season ticket holders) pay the full ticket prices. Opening hours of the ticket booths  MONDAY to FRIDAY: from 12:00 to 18:00 SATURDAY: open between 10:00 and 13:00 (at weekends when there is a home match). SATURDAY AND SUNDAY (MATCH DAYS): Ticket booths open five hours before kick off. THURSDAY 27/02:  match day: closed. Ticket prices T1: Season ticket holders: €75 ⎮ Non-season ticket holders: €85 T2: Season ticket holders: €35 ⎮ Non-season ticket holders: €40 T3: Season ticket holders: €75 ⎮ Non-season ticket holders: €85 T4: Season ticket holders: €35 ⎮ Non-season ticket holders: €40


Tottenham - KAA Gent sold out!

All available tickets for Gent fans for the Europa League game against Tottenham at Wembley Stadium are sold out. This means we'll go to Wembley with about 7000 fans to support our Buffalos!