Once a Buffalo, always a Buffalo

Are you under thirteen?
Is your heart blue and white?
Want to be the first one to know all the news about our Buffalos?
Want to walk on the field together with our players right before kick-off? 
Want to be invited to all Buffalo Kids events?

If so, become a member of our BUFFALO KIDS CLUB and all these dreams will become reality.
It only costs €12!
Moreover, you will receive a few presents: a personalised BUFFALO KIDS CLUB CARD,BUFFALO KIDS SCARF and benefits at some of our commercial partners and so much more!

How to become a Buffalo kids Reporter?

Want to become a Buffalo Kids Reporter? Subscribe to the Buffalo Kids Club and make a video, presenting yourself and telling us why you should be the next Buffalo Kids Reporter. Send your video to patrick@kaagent.be. Good luck!