Another historic step in our professional development. At the end of June KAA Gent will officially open a new training complex on Wolfputsite (Oostakker) where the amateur side Racing Gent is already playing.

That will be the final step of a project which has started last year when KAA Gent renovated the dressing rooms for the youth teams of Racing Gent and laid three artificial pitches for the youngest ones, followed by another full sized natural grass pitch (including an irrigation system, water drainage and undersoil heating) and an artificial pitch. On every pitch  200 lux ledlighting was implemented.

In a second phase KAA Gent did star the construction of a new training complex for its first team: that will be finished by the end of June. You will find there:

-2 natural grass pitches with irrigation system , one of them even with undersoil heating

-1 “power hill” , a specific construction in geo-infill (latest type of artificial grass) where physical exercises, tests and warming up exercises can be organized. A running track around this hill will complete this part.

-dressing rooms, offices, a press conference room, a wellness for revalidation, a kitchen, a dining room, showers and 40 sleeping units.

In a third phase the pitch of the amateur side Racing Gent will be replaced by a new natural grass pitch (105m x 68m) : this pitch will be used by Racing Gent and our KAA Gent Ladies team.

Our actual training center at Warmoezeniersweg will exclusively be used by our youth teams and our -21 team. An artificial pitch will be added so the complex will accommodate two artificial pitches, two natural grass pitches and a special pitch for the youngest players. The youth teams will use the fitness room ,now occupied by the first team: this means that our youth teams can develop in a very professional infrastructure.