Elk Talent Telt: 3 years of scoring goals, on and off the pitch

Elk Talent Telt: 3 years of scoring goals, on and off the pitch

The KAA Gent Foundation presents some remarkable numbers about the athletic and social cooperation between the 15 football clubs in Gent. Three years of Elk Talent Telt (Every Talent Counts) provided more opportunities for young football players, more education for trainers and board members and a healthier football environment.

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KAA Gent, the City of Gent and the KAA Gent Foundation found eachother in 2014 and started a sustainable, athletic and social cooperation in and around youth football in Gent. Together with 15 football clubs in Gent a unique model was developed which aimed to improve the quality and accessibility of youth football in Gent.

After three seasons of Elk Talent Telt we can see that players in Gent are better equipped to develop in an open and qualitative environment. By cooperating closely the clubs evolve into open environments where neighborhood involvement, parent cooperation and child wellbeing are increasingly important.

Elk Talent Telt is an athletic-social cooperation between the 15 clubs with youth football in Ghent.

With thanks to the efforts of the City of Ghent to construct 8 artificial pitches the capacity of the football clubs was enlarged and clubs are able have more options for girls-, walking, or G-football in Gent.

 “The cooperation between clubs in Gent is something to be proud of. Another aspect which makes Gent unique in Flanders. We can confidently state that concerning accessibility of youth football, parent involvement and board transparence the KAA Gent Foundation and the football clubs in Gent have been performing some pioneering work”, says deputy of Sport of the city of Gent and  president of the KAA Gent Foundation Resul Tapmaz.

Elk Talent is also important for KAA Gent. Since the move to the Ghelamco Arena KAA Gent has announced that it would like to allow the clubs in Gent to partake in the success of the club. In 2017-2018 we invested 232.000 euro in this project, of which 71.875 will be divided between 12 local teams through the Elk Talent Telt support funding”, says communications director of KAA Gent and vice-president of the KAA Gent foundation Patrick Lips.

Elk Talent Telt 2017-18 in numbers

  • 15 local clubs
  • 15 clubs use the UiTPas with special tariffs for groups in society with different sorts of problems
  • 3183 youth players in the Elk Talent Telt partnership
  • 84 club visits by the Elk Talent Telt cooperators
  • Two walking football clubs are active within the Elk Talent Telt partner clubs
  • 6 girls football projects will be started by 2020
  • 11 referees are trained in the KAA Gent Referee Academy
  • 30 coaches have followed the Elk Talent basic training
  • 15 demotrainingen werden georganiseerd bij de Elk Talent Telt-partnerclubs
  • 15 demonstration training sessions were organized by the partner clubs
  • 71875 euro support from KAA Gent will be divided amongst 12 clubs
  • 3183 shirts were handed out by KAA Gent amongst the young football players in Gent
  • 6 training sessions for cooperators in the clubs were organized
  • 15 training sessions for coaches were organized


Twelve football clubs in Gent will receive a total sum of 71.875 euro from KAA Gent. The clubs were evaluated by a jury with representatives of KAA Gent, the city of Gent and the KAA Gent Foundation on their athletic results, board culture, parent involvement, social impact and cooperation of their players, coaches, board members and club cooperators in the Elk Talent Telt initiatives. In allocating this support the amount of players and the flow of talents was taken into account.

KAA Gent cvba so finances the Elk Talent Talent support funding. The fund is managed by the KAA Gent Foundation. The obtained resources are to be invested in their youth working by the clubs. KAA Gent hopes to partake in improving a healthy football environment in Gent, on a social and athletic level, with the interests of young football players in Gent as a main motivation.

Elk Talent Telt is a KAA Gent Foundation project, requested by the city of Gent and KAA Gent. With financial support from the city of Gent, KAA Gent, TElenet, De Gentenaar, Printville and Silvertie.