KAA Gent Foundation strenghtens its commitment to Gent

KAA Gent Foundation strenghtens its commitment to Gent

The connecting force of KAA Gent. This is how the KAA Gent Foundation describes itself in its new policy plan. KAA Gent wants to continue to invest KAA Gent in social activities in the years to come. With 32 projects and a yearly budget of more than € 500.000 euro KAA Gent further develops its social engagements. 

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More than football

The KAA Gent Foundation has three football oriented social programs. But more important than the footballing aspect is the way KAA Gent as a community brings people together. KAA Gent Foundation uses this connecting force to work with people who are having social difficulties. With more than 14 community delivery programs the organisation is now working with more than 600 people: by strengthening their personal skills and creating a group dynamic, neighborhood commitment and social work. This is especially elaborated in the Nieuw Gent-Steenakker neighborhood, the neighborhood next to the Ghelamco Arena. Yearly more than 25.000 contact hours with the target group are realized. 

"Since 2012 the KAA Gent Foundation is growing quickly: the community manager was surrounded by a strong team and the budget was raised to more than 500.000 euro a year, the highest in the Jupiler Pro League. With our foundation KAA Gent plays in Europe every year", says Resul Tapmaz president of the board of non-profit organisation Voetbal in de stad, the organisation behind the KAA Gent Foundation.

Multidisciplinary approach

Through its methods people are motivated to take responsibility for themselves and for eachother. Group dynamics are improved, and people are motivated to take on a commitment for themselves and the neighborhood. Volunteer work is encouraged and education is offered. The end goal is to offer a useful way to spend the day, preferably in the neighborhood, which will also improve the social cohesion in the neighborhood. By activating people we succeed in giving people actual opportunities to find employment.

Sports innovation at the local football clubs

KAA Gent's social work, implemented on a city-wide level through the KAA Gent Foundation, is further elaborated on a local level through 13 local football clubs in Ghent. These clubs are now cooperating in the partnership Elk Talent Telt (Every Talent Counts). The KAA Gent Foundation guides the clubs in different ways: a transparent leadership culture, parent involvement and coaching for youth trainers and club volunteers are vital components. KAA Gent also supports the clubs financially. Strong local sports teams will eventually be strong partners for social initiatives at a neighborhood level.

Tracks for tomorrow

The KAA Gent Foundation has developped as a broad organization with a lot of projects, but the organisation is also looking forward. In the new policy plan 6 brainstorm exercises are put forward about supporters participation, an education center, cooperation with local authorities, an integrated CSR policy for KAA Gent, child welfare in the sportsclub and how to built wider support for the KAA Gent foundation within the local society. 

Thanks to all our partners

The KAA Gent Foundation is a public-private cooperation between KAA Gent, the local authorities and the fans of KAA Gent. The work of the Foundation is only possible with the support and cooperation of numerous organizations and services in Gent. First of all the City of Gent and OCMW Gent (Gent Welfare Service), their services and advice councils, the education centers in Gent: Gent University and the university colleges Arteveldehogeschool en Hogeschool Gent, the supporters federation of KAA Gent, UNIA, organizations for mental health (PC Gent-Sleidinge, PC Caritas-Melle, Hand in Hand De Moester, IBW - Zagan, PC Sint-Camillus en Poco Loco), INTER Vlaanderen, KC Dance Complex, youth welfare organizations ('t Leebeekje en Jong), the BOP-project of Jong, Logo Gezond+, all football clubs in Gent with youth departments, AMSAB-ISG, Fietsersbond Gent, the partner organizations linked to the neighbourhood house Bij Pino (IN-Gent, Samenlevingsopbouw en de Zuiderpoort) and multiple partners of the network Brede School-jeugd in Nieuw Gent-Steenakker deserve our appreciation and gratitude for the cooperation. 

Facts and numbers

  • 5 pillars 
  • 14 social-emancipatory projects
  • 40 actions
  • 400 activities/year
  • 600 people from lower social classes/year
  • 25.000 contact hours with the target group/year
  • 14 local football clubs in the partnership Elk Talent Telt
  • 196 youth trainers
  • 3072 youth players
  • 40 local youth trainers in formation
  • € 61.460 in financial support divided amongst the local football teams
  • 5 employees 
  • 35 volunteers
  • 25 students and interns
  • Yearly budget € 510.000

The KAA Gent Foundation is a member the European Football for Development Network (EFDN).

The KAA Gent Foundation thanks its partners for their support.

Foto: James Arthur

Foto: James Arthur

Foto: James Arthur

Foto: James Arthur

Foto: James Arthur

Foto: James Arthur

Foto: James Arthur

Foto: James Arthur

Ondervoorzitter Patrick Lips en voorzitter Resul Tapmaz (Foto: James Arthur)

Voorzitter Resul Tapmaz en algemeen coördinator Wim Beelaert (Foto: James Arthur)

Stafmedewerkers Ellen De Jans en Pierre Van der veken, geflankeerd door Jasper Truyens (VUB, Sport & Society) en Stijn Van Bever (Pro League) (Foto: James Arthur)

De medewerkers van de KAA Gent Foundation (Foto: James Arthur)

Medewerkers en stagiars van de KAA Gent Foundation (Foto: James Arthur)

De aanwezige leden van de algemene vergadering van de KAA Gent Foundation: Michel Louwagie, Nicolas Vanden Eynden, Olivier Morobé, Cengiz Cetinkaya, Patrick Lips, Resul Tapmaz en algemeen coördinator Wim Beelaert.(Foto: James Arthur)