KAA Gent Foundation raises awareness of poverty in Gent

KAA Gent Foundation raises awareness of poverty in Gent

Before the saturday game volunteers of the KAA Gent Foundation placed temporary tattoos which state "expel poverty" ('sluit armoede uit' in Dutch). This way the KAA Gent foundation demands attention for 1 in every 5 inhabitants of Gent, who live in poverty and have to postpone medical care for financial reasons.

Volunteers of our social-emancipatory projects Gantoise Plantrekkers (the former Homeless Blue White) and the neighborhood community house Bij Pino will offered fans a tattoo sating 'expel poverty'. Of course this isn't a real tattoo but a temporary one. By placing the tattoo you show solidarity with the most vulnerable people in society. 

This action is an initiative of Netwerk Tegen Armoede (Against Poverty Network) in the run-up to the international day against poverty on the 17th of October. Numerous organizations in Gent will work together to make the 17th of October into an accessible day of resistance.

Traditionally they'll pay tribute to the victims of poverty, discrimination and violence at the "Human Rights Stone" on the Sint Pieters square. Everybody is welcome to join at 7pm on the 17th of October on the Sint Pieters square. Expect stories, music and the commemoration of all victims of poverty. To conclude a bowl of soup and bread will be served.

Take a view in the photo-album 'Sluit armoede uit' on the Facebookpage of the KAA Gent Foundation.