Extra seats for people in wheelchairs in the Ghelamco Arena

Extra seats for people in wheelchairs in the Ghelamco Arena

KAA Gent will offer more seats for wheelchairs, starting with the Play Offs 2018. Specifically, there will be 6 designated seats in block RS 232 (tier 2) 6 designated seats in block RS 438 (tier 4). The seats are located indoor at the third floor. The amount of designated seats for people in wheelchairs is increased from 30 to 42.

To offer as many wheelchairbound fans the opportunity to attend the games, the following procedure will be implemented:

  • In block RS 232 (Ghelamco Stand) there will be 4 tickets available through general sale. Two seats are reserved for fans with a temporary disability, season ticket holders who are temporary wheelchairbound due to illness or injury. These game tickets can be requested through tickets@kaagent.be
  • In block RS 438 (Telenet Stand) the six seats will be reserved for groups, thus allowing care facilities, retirement or nursing homes and other organizations to attend games in a protected environment with professional guidance. If the seats are not taken by groups they will be sold through general sale after all. Requests for Play Off Games should be send by mail before the 2nd of April to contact@kaagentfoundation.be
  • The regular prices for stands 2 and 4 will be used for these seats. People with a disability are allowed one attendant who doesn’t have to pay. Season ticket holders with a temporary disability can change seats without extra costs, however their usual seat will be avalaible for sale through the ‘free your seat’ system.
  • KAA Gent Foundation provides for two extra attendants, linked to Inter. This will increase the amount of attendants for fans with a disability to six during KAA Gent games in the Ghelamco Arena.

More information about the accessibility of the Ghelamco Arena for fans with a disability.

If you have any questions you can contact the KAA Gent Foundation through contact@kaagentfoundation.be