No to racism. No to hate. No to discrimination.

No to racism. No to hate. No to discrimination.

KAA Gent and the local football clubs in Gent participating in the Elk Talent Telt partnership join forces and unite against hate.

The 21st of March is the international day against racism and discrimination. All football clubs in Gent call for respect on the pitch and in the stands. All football clubs in Gent will visibly portray the Elk Talent Telt-charter with the hotline against discrimination in Gent mentioned.

The Elk Talent Telt-clubs ask their players and supporters to be alert towards discrimination and to signal every incident. This will give clubs a view of the size of the problem, and be dealt with through mediation of the KAA Gent Foundation. Infringements of the anti-racism law will be handled by UNIA.

By publishing a video we would like to start this local football campaign. It's also the start of the European 'More Than Football' week of action in Gent, where we emphasize the power of football and the role in society football clubs can fulfill.

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