Buffalo's, talk about your mental problems!

Buffalo's, talk about your mental problems!

Buffalos, if you're having a bad time: talk about it, ask for help, take action and address the problem before it becomes an issue.

This campaign wants to improve the resilience of the KAA Gent fan and make sure they can talk about their mental health.

Stadium action

Before the game KAA Gent-KV Kortrijk (27/11/2016) the issue of mental health will be addressed. The objective is to ensure that people can talk about this issue, which often remains a taboo, unfortunately. At the same time the goal is also the improve the resilience of KAA Gent's fans.

We will distribute 10.000 buttons with our campaign slogan. Cycling Buffalos will receive a unique cover for their bycicle saddle. At the promenade supporters can receive information or leave a message at our 'wish wall'.


In our society it doesn't seem easy to take care of your mental health. In the health enquiry (2013) a third of the population (32%) older than 15 years old admits to having psychological problems (ie. feeling stressed or tense, being sad or depressed, sleeping issues due to big worries). Especially with the active part of our population (from 25 to 55 or 65 years old) our mental health is under pressure.


This campaign is an initiative of the Flemish Institute for Health Promotion en Disease Prevention (VIGeZ), Logo Gezond Plus and Football in the community, KAA Gent's community foundation.

More information can found at www.geestelijkgezondgent.be