The next meeting of the Supporters' Council will take place on Monday 24th April 2023.

Want to contact the Supporters' Council with ideas or proposals? Email supportersraad@kaagent.be, visit Supportersraad KAA Gent on Facebook or Supportersraad KAA Gent on Twitter or send a letter to Supportersraad KAA Gent c/o KAA Gent Foundation, Ottergemsesteenweg Zuid 808, 9000 Ghent.

16.01.2023 - Report Supporters' Council 16 January 2023
13.12.2022 - Report Supporters' Council KAA Gent 14 November 2022
27.09.2022 - Report Supporters' Council KAA Gent 12 September 2022
22.06.2022 - Nomination and installation meeting
11.04.2022 - Supporters and KAA Gent establish Supporters' Council
12.03.2021 - Supporters' council KAA Gent: appeal

The supporters' council is an institution created by supporters' groups and associations Armada Ganda, Buffalo Indians, the supporters' federation and TRIBUNE7 in cooperation with KAA Gent. The supporters' council is the broadest possible representation of all Buffaloes so it can make their voices heard.

The supporters' council aims to improve the relationship between KAA Gent and its supporters by:

  • initiating and maintaining a constructive dialogue so that they understand each other better;
  • contributing to greater involvement of the Buffaloes in the functioning of the club;
  • contributing to a respectful climate between KAA Gent and its supporters.

How does the KAA Gent Supporters' Council accomplish that?

The KAA Gent Supporters' Council meets (at least) three times a year (every four months) with the club. The council only has a signalling and advisory function. It is a broad advisory council and sounding board group that should represent all Buffaloes.

In a way, it is the parliament of the Buffaloes. The Supporters' Council and KAA Gent can give each other solicited and unsolicited advice and clarify each other's views. The council can raise issues with the club. KAA Gent can check things out with the council. The council's advice to the club is not binding. However, KAA Gent must justify why it does not follow a recommendation.

What can the Supporters' Council advise on?

The Supporters' Council can give its opinion on everything relating to KAA Gent's supporters' and public policy: match organisation, club culture, identity, supporter experience, supporter policy, supporter involvement, etc.

Policy and/or management matters are not dealt with, or only in outline, unless they fall under the club's supporters' and public policy

Who attends the KAA Gent Supporters' Council?

The Supporters' Council KAA Gent consists of a maximum of 25 Buffaloes: 6 members nominated by the supporters' clubs of the Supporters' Federation KAA Gent and 19 members elected by open candidature. The council is meant to be representative, its aim being to represent all Buffalo supporters as best as possible. Therefore, there are quotas per stand, based on means of transport, age, place of residence, gender and migration background.

Members of the supporters' council have a 3-year mandate and fulfil conditions to serve on the supporters' council:

  • have a season ticket;
  • be older than 16 years;
  • have no stadium ban.

Agreement KAA Gent Supporters' Council

Do you have any questions?

Something still not clear? Do you still have a question or comment? Send them to supportersraad@kaagent.be