Atmosphere section 425: New!

Atmosphere group Buffalo Indians wants to create even more atmosphere in the family stand (stand 4) next season. Therefore, more atmosphere actions will take place in section 425. Actions including flags and banners will be regularly allowed. Do you like a good atmosphere between young and old? In section 425, you've come to the right place!

Season 2022-2023 is a transition season, to evolve towards a 100 per cent atmosphere section in 2023-2024. Do you prefer to cheer in more calmly in T4 or another stand? No problem, at the start of season ticket sales you will get the chance to select a seat in one of the other sections.

Atmosphere section 225

Supporters from our atmosphere section are allowed to stand up throughout the match. 

Sections 227-228-229

Reserved for supporters who wish to stand up during the match.

Standing/Sitting in other sections of stand 2

Sections 221-222:

Reserved for supporters who wish to sit during the match.

Sections 223-224-226:

  • Row 1 to row 6: reserved for supporters who want to sit during the match
  • Row 7 to row 28: reserved for supporters who wish to stand up during the match.




See you soon at Fort Ghelamco! #COBW