Article 1

By giving up your season ticket seat (the seat for which you have a season ticket that you want to free using the application) for a chosen competition match and by agreeing to the general conditions, you grant permission to KAA GENT to put up for sale your seat for a chosen match. You agree that your season ticket will not grant you acces to the stadium on the given matchday, that you will not be able to use your season ticket seat for the given match and that KAA GENT can put up your seat for sale on its website.

Article 2

Once you have given up your seat, your seat will be available for purchase and you will not be able to reclaim it. Therefore, KAA GENT will not pursue the request of giving the seat back to the season-ticket holder and removing the seat from sale. The season-ticket holder is free to buy his seat back on the website, if it is stil available.

Article 3

Season ticket seats can only be given up for sale (for one or more games) through the online ticketshop of KAA GENT via the application which you are already using and for which you have agreed on the general conditions. Season ticket holders will not be able to claim the tickets they have given up at the ticket windows. The Free Your Seat system will only be activated when the stadium is sold out. In all other cases, the club reserves itself the right to activate the system would there be a need to.

They are allowed to cancel their access to a specific game at the ticket windows or to exchange their child ticket for an adult ticket, in this case, the season ticket holder won't be able to claim compensation from KAA GENT as seen in article 5 of the general conditions.

Article 4

By giving up a season ticket seat for a given match and by granting permission to KAA GENT to put the seat up for sale, the season ticket holder agrees that the income (price of the ticket) of the sale will completely fall to KAA GENT. The season ticket holder explicitly relinquishes his right to the price of the ticket which KAA GENT receives following the sale of the ticket.

Article 5

Only when the seat that has been given up by a season ticket holder for a given game is indeed sold, the season ticket holder has a right to a partial compensation of his season ticket price under the conditions mentioned below. If KAA GENT was not able to sell the ticket, the season ticket holder is not entitled to any kind of compensation.

Per game during which a season ticket holder has given up his seat and that seat has indeed been sold at normal price, a season ticket holder is entitled to following compensation:

  1. If the seat is sold to an adult (i.e. 16+ price)
  • season ticket holder is a child (-16): 5 EUR per match
  • season ticket holder is an adult (+16): depending on the stand where the season ticket holder has his seat:
    • Stand 2 and 4: 10 EUR per match
    • Stand 1 and 3: 15 EUR
  1. If the seat is sold to a child (i.e. -16 price)
  • Stand 4: 2 EUR
  • Other stands: 5 EUR

N.B. The total compensation per season (for season ticket holders who give up their seats multiple times) cannot surpass 50% of the season ticket price which the season ticket holder bought the same season. If a season ticket holder has bought both a regular season ticket and a play-off ticket, the limit is equal to the sum of 50% of both season tickets.

If the limit is reached, the season ticket holder explicitly agrees that he is not entitled to any kind of further compensation, even when his seat that he has given up, has indeed been sold.

Prices include VAT. 

Article 6

Season ticket holders are only entitled to compensation, as defined in article 5, if they have entered the information correctly as requested in the free your seat application. In particular, a correct bank account number has to be filled in or changed. Season ticket holders will be reimbursed through the given account number. The club is not responsible if the account number has not been filled in correctly or is not up to date and cannot be addressed for an eventual loss.

The club will only provide an invoice or a credit note to a customer who has filled in a correct enterprise number. If no enterprise number has been filled in, season ticket holders won't be able to ask for an invoice or a credit note.

Article 7

After the Play-Offs, KAA GENT will make a list of every seat which has been given up once or multiple times during the same season by a season ticket holder and that has been sold.

Based on this, KAA GENT will calculate the total sum which will be reimbursed to the concerned season ticket holders, taking into account the amount of sold tickets and the season limit stated in article 5.

This amount will be reimbursed at the latest on the 30th of June of the same season on the account filled in by the season ticket holder in the application.

Article 8

We remind you that season tickets cannot be passed on by a season ticket holder. Infractions hereupon are punishable in accordance with the football law.