Zenit fans welcome in Ghent

Zenit fans welcome in Ghent

Fans of FK Zenit will be allowed to attend the Champions League game between KAA Gent- Zenit Saint-Petersburg in the Ghelamco Arena after all.

The final decision was taken this afternoon (Monday 30/11) after intensive talks between the city council, the Ghent Police Department, KAA Gent and the Russian authorities.  Mayor Daniel Termont: “ Ghent always tries to celebrate its festivities as they should be celebrated. Until now, and despite the terror threat, we have always succeeded in doing so. Because we have been given extra garantuees concerning safety on the ninth of December, I can now allow Zenit fans to attend the game. And I would like to ask the KAA Gent fans to welcome Zenit fans in the warmest possible way. In the past our city and our people have shown to be great hosts many times, so let’s do it one more time for the people from FK Zenit.”

After a negative advice from the Ghent Police Department Mayor Termont communicated on the 27th of November that the Zenit fans would not be able to attend the game in the Ghelamco Arena. Today, after intensive talks with all parties concerned, it was announced Zenit fans would be able to attend the game after all.

Mayor Termont clarifies: “Extra garantuees have been made  to ensure the safety of both the fans of KAA Gent as well as FK Zenit supporters:

  • The Russian authorities that were involved provided specific and relevant information and will also send extra security officers to Ghent.
  • The Belgian Federal Police garanties extra personnel during the 9th of december
  • Taking into account the present level of terror threat, the Ghent Police Department offers extra capacity.
  • Finally KAA Gent ensures that between 25 and 30 extra stewards will be available, among them at least 10 Russian speaking Ghentians to ensure a good contact with the Zenit fans

Mayor Termont concludes: “Together with KAA Gent chairman Ivan De Witte, I ask all KAA Gent fans: let us welcome the players and fans of FK Zenit in the warmest possible way. Until now we have presented ourselves in the best way possible, both in the Champions League and beyond, both with our results and with the athmospere in and around the Ghelamco Arena. Thank you in advance for helping us conclude this last game in the group stage in a festive way.